Trimurti Engineering Services

Turbo Air Ventilators

Our company brings forth high grade Turbo Air Ventilators which are processes by engineering in order to draw hot air from industrial, Residential, and Commercial premises upwards. The Turbo Air Ventilators offered by us creates convection current and during the process, it also extracts hot toxic air to be released in the outside atmosphere. This air recycling in our Turbo Air Ventilators injects fresh air into the premises and makes it comfortable in terms of heat and pollution. The Bearing � Less Cylindrical Assembly ensures monitoring-free operations of these Turbo Air Ventilators.

Product Details

  • Aluminium Alloy 0.5 mm Fan
  • S.S 304 Fan
  • Powder Coated Fan
  • Zinc Coated Fan
  • FRP Coated Fan
  • Epoxy Coated Fan

General Description

  • Basic Size Specifications
    • Diameter : 21" x 28" & 24" x 32"

Basic Material of Composition (MDC)

Pavan Turbo Air Ventilators are manufactured out of 0.5 mm Alluminium Alloy (IS-31000).

  • Vents made from 0.5 mm Alluminium Alloy
  • Top made from S S 304.
  • Collars made from 0.5 mm S S 304

Bearing less clindrical Assembly manufactured from M.S. Seamless Pipe with Zinc Coating.