Trimurti Engineering Services

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is manufactured by us using high grade steel that is suited for various applications. This is made to undergo several treatment processes to improve the aspects of performance and durability, making sure that these match the set standards. The Stainless Steel offered by us is high in strength and ductile.

SS 301

  • Used For
    • Automobile trims
    • Conveyor belts
    • Railway coaches
    • Metal fixtures for construction
    • Roof drainage products
    • Storm door-frames
    • Tableware
  • Attributes
    • Austenitic stainless steel
    • Excellent corrosion resistance
    • Superb forming characteristics
  • Required By
    • Fertilizer industry
    • Equipment manufacturers for dairy and food processing
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Chemical industry
    • Petrochemical industry
    • Households kitchenware, sinks, cutlery
    • Cryogenic vessels and heat exchangers in air-conditioning, refrigeration
    • Machinery manufacturing for Paper, Pulp, Textile Beverage sectors and many more

SS 304L

  • Enhanced resistance to corrosion (inter-granular)
  • Less tendency to harden on working

Useful For

  • Parts and structures that cannot undergo heat treatment after welding

SS 310S

  • Higher Chromium and Nickel content
  • High creep strength
  • Optimum mechanical properties
  • Suited for higher temperatures and stress

Used For

  • Paper mill equipment
  • Oil refinery equipment
  • Fire box sheets furnace linings
  • Furnace stacks and dampers
  • Gas turbine parts
  • Annealing boxes and ovens
  • Carburizing boxes
  • Heat exchangers kiln lining
  • Nozzle diaphragm assemblies for turbo jet engines
  • Oil burner parts
  • Air heaters

SS 316

  • Austenitic stainless steel
  • 2.0 to 3% mo
  • Improved corrosion resistance to halogens
  • Hot strength characteristics
  • Resistant to pitting corrosion

Perfect For

  • Marine exteriors
  • Textile finishing equipment
  • Architectural trims
  • Pollution control equipment
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Petroleum refining equipment
  • Pharmaceutical equipment
  • Photographic equipment
  • Pulp and paper processing equipment

SS 316 L

  • Better than 316
  • Improved weld-ability
  • Better part formation

SS 321

  • Austenitic stainless steel
  • Stabilized with titanium
  • No inter-granular corrosion
  • Resistant to scaling and vibration fatigue

Used For

  • Expansion bellows
  • Stack liners
  • Fire walls
  • Super heaters
  • Aircraft exhaust stacks
  • Pressure vessels manifolds
  • Large mufflers for stationary diesel engines
  • Carburetors