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We would like to introduce our selves as Mine Owners and poinear of Yellow Ochre from Kadapa (A.P.) which is used as raw materials for "Terra Cotta Vitrified Tiles" . We can furnishing the some of our valuable customers who is using our raw materials.

Physical Properties of Yellow Shale :
  • Pale yellow coloured shale/Ochre, very easily breaks into chips and powder and has no impuri ties what so ever.
  • In wet condition it shows very good plasticity. Its' water of plasticity will be around 40%.
  • It is absolutely free from carbonates.
  • In wet condition ionic concentration is so high which show very good fluidic characteristics. No demand for STPP or any deflocculates.
  • It has a very good green, dried and fired strength ie. 15,30 and 400 Kgs/cm 2 respectively.
  • The yellow shale sinters at a very low temperature. It shows zero porosity 1140 0 C.
  • It burns red after firing.
  • It has a very good coefficient of linear thermal expansion and the material can be used any amount in the body composition. At 650 0 C, it shows 6.8X10 6 coefficient of linear thermal expansion.
  • It contains high alkalis which does not demand any flux like feldspar in the body composi-tion.
  • This materials after firing develops terracotta colour and therefore it is being used in ceramic vitrified tiles (Vitro terracotta tiles are popular in India and abroad).

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